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Neil Rock and John Sproviero co-authored the two-book set "Can't Catch Me Coyote" and "How to Catch a Roadrunner". Over 4000 books have been sold to date.

The origins date back to early 2002, when Neil decided to create a vehicle for sharing his distinctive goal setting and attainment method with others. He wanted to expand upon his original publication, "The Goals Journal", by illustrating its principles through a fictional story that introduces the V.W.V. (Visualize-Write-Visible), concept to readers. John was brought on board as writer/editor, and the partnership was born. Together, he and Neil created the "Can't Catch Me Coyote"/ "How to Catch a Roadrunner" two-volume set and continue to successfully incorporate the V.W.V. principles in their own lives.

The unique principles referred to as V.W.V. have been used successfully by thousands around the world to realize their dreams and goals. Simply put, anyone old enough to read and write who desires improvement in his or her life can benefit. Now, you can too! Many books on goal setting and attainment are available for purchase. Some exist in parable form, conveying the author's beliefs in a simple story. Others require intricate formulas and time consuming measures that can be intimidating to the reader.

"Can't Catch Me Coyote"/"How to Catch a Roadrunner" offers much more. Coyote is the heartwarming, often mysterious fictional component that subtly introduces the concept to the reader. Roadrunner follows next and expands upon the model with inspirational examples and simple direction on how to apply V.W.V. to your own life.

"Easy, entertaining - a fun and relaxing journey! The two books tie wonderfully together. This is a must read for anyone who has goals - young or old - and prefers a simple approach to success in any area of life."
- Mike Konci, Vice President & Business Line Director, Degussa Initiators Inc.

"The lessons we remember for all our lives come from parables, stories that are "hand-me-down" quality, designed to teach us a principle. This is one of those works. It is a simple story and calls to mind two characters everyone will relate to - - from children to adults. It is an easy read for a short flight and a great gift book. I am buying them for my clients who manage sales teams and other executives who need a reminder of the power of goal setting!"
- Dj Mitsch - Master Executive Coach, President The Pyramid Resource Group

"These books provide life changing and direction setting principles that anyone of any age can apply. The process is simple, it's fun and it's powerful."
-Tim Koegel, Presentation & Media Consultant and Author of, The Exceptional Presenter, The Definitive Handbook for Showcasing Your Message.

"Victorious warriors win first then go to
war, while defeated warriors go to war,
then seek to win."
-Sun Tzu

"The aim, if reached or not, makes great
the life."
-Robert Browning

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
-Albert Einstein
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